I have had some kind of relation to water thru my whole life with a varying intensity.

During the winter 2005 I felt bored and spent a lot of time by the web. After about one week of studying 'boat building' I made my mind, this would be enough crazy and challenging.

I have known for years how a boat should look like. My respect to genuine materials and old boat builders guided me to try something else.

Selway Fisher Designs FELIX 13'/15' STRIP PLANKED LAUNCH charmed me at the first sight with her lines, size and way of construction.

For the moment I think that this launch will be powered by an old marine engine instead of steam.

The schedule for this project is loose and the work will mainly take place during the summers. I hope the hull will be finished 2007.

The date of return on these open waters in a wooden boat is unknown.

Anders Linderborg

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